What is a Smarti Parti™ Deluxe Birthday Party Kit?

Everything you need for a great party except kids and cake!

Our Deluxe parties include a craft (and often a game) that last 45-60 minutes followed by celebration (Happy Birthday Song, Cake, etc.) that lasts around 30 minutes giving a total party time of ~90 minutes.  At wrap up, we include hand-packed party favors to thank your guests.

Our crafts are NO-MESS (no glue, glitter, paint, stains) games are NON-COMPETITIVE to ensure everyone has a a great time.  We also include  custom favor bags.  Parties are designed for children ages 4-9.

Our Deluxe kits include decorations and table settings:

  • Plates: 1 per guest (8"-9" diameter)
  • Napkins: At least 1 per guest  (Dinner/luncheon)
  • Cups: 1 per guest (9oz Paper Hot/Cold)
  • Cutlery: 1 set per guest (3 each, fork, spoon and knife)
  • Table covering: 1 count (plastic, often 54"x 108" or similar)
  • Centerpiece decoration: 1 count (ranges from 6" to 13" in height)
  • Balloons: 15 count (12" latex)
  • Crepe Streamer: 1 count (81 feet)
  • Birthday candles:  24 count (~2.5")

Enjoy the Perfect Home Party, Planned, Packaged and Delivered!