Our Story

Thanks for visiting Smarti Parti! 

I am a mom of three wonderful kids – and I love making them feel happy and celebrated on their birthdays! 

However, after years of going to the same overcrowded, expensive and impersonal birthday party venues year after year, I wanted to do something different.  The venues were not providing unique or memorable experiences, and I found that my kids weren’t really interacting with their guests or building friendships.

Also, as a family with a child with medical challenges, it was personally important to us to host birthday parties that were accommodating to children of different abilities. Trampoline parks and bouncy places are particularly inaccessible for children with physical limitations and sensory issues.

So, I began hosting smaller birthday parties at home with a simple craft, interactive game and of course, cake.  And our three kids - and all their friends - LOVED the parties! They were fun and unique and allowed the kids to truly interact with one another. 

Sounds ideal right?  But there was one major drawback:  The preparation.  From deciding on a theme to planning party activities, to searching endless party stores for decorations, it was enough to make even the craftiest mom give up and run toward their closest bouncy place!

We created Smarti Parti so WE could do all the preparation for you!  Our complete birthday kits contain everything you need to plan a perfect home party that is memorable, inclusive and hassle free.  You just add kids – and cake! 

Happy Hosting!

Deborah, Founder and Operator