Why Home-Based Kids’ Birthday Parties are Making a Comeback

Do you remember your birthday parties from the 80’s and 90’s?  I’m guessing they looked a lot like this: A few friends would come over to your house, play a couple rounds of musical chairs and take some swings at a piñata in the backyard.  Then you would all gather around the kitchen table, you’d blow out the candles on your store-bought mix cake, and everyone would enjoy a piece topped with ice cream.  And everyone had a blast.  And you felt happy - and celebrated!

Over time, kids’ birthday parties have evolved into over-the-top, extravaganzas! A party these days means inviting an entire class of 25 children to a party venue with bouncy houses, play structures and arcade games, followed by pizza, cake and a visit from a Disney princess!

Are these parties fun – absolutely!  But are the kids any happier?  Do they feel more celebrated or have more fun at these parties than we did back in the day?

Many parents are starting to opt for simpler, home-based parties, like the ones we knew and loved!  Here are a few reasons why:


  1. Party venues are expensive! Trampoline parks and bouncy places can charge a whopping $25+ per guest (before the cost of food and party favors).  This adds up fast, especially if you invite the whole class.  These venues also have a min / max number of guests. With home-based parties, you have control over the number of guests - and costs can be reduced by planning simple games and crafts for the kids.


  1. Activities that encourage kids to work together brings them closer! Who’s to say a bunch of five year olds will have more fun at a bouncy place than playing games with their friends at home?  And is your child really getting to know her classmates when she is jumping beside 25 of them at a trampoline park?  Having a party in the home allows children to really interact with one another. Planning games and activities that get kids to work together helps friendships bloom and create unique, memorable experiences! 


  1. Kids like simple things. How many times have you spent lots of time and money to find the perfect gift for your child, and they prefer to play with the box it came in?  Have you ever been shocked to discover that your child is more excited about their most simple holiday gifts (like a new set of crayons) than their expensive ones?  The same goes for birthday parties!  I used to do all of my kids’ birthday parties at large venues, and have found that since I’ve started hosting their parties at home, they look forward to them MORE, have tons of fun, and their friends can’t wait to see what’s planned for next year!


If your wish is to make your child feel celebrated, and provide fun experiences that will bring him/ her closer to friends, home-based birthday parties are a great option!

Happy hosting!

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