Timeless Birthday Gifts for Kids by Age

If you have kids, you know that keeping up with what’s “in” and “cool” is like trying to capture a leprechaun under your six-year-old’s cardboard trap.  Trends change so fast, it seems you are already behind the times before you can utter the word “Hydroflask”.   

Back in 2017, my 8-year-old daughter was obsessed with squishy stress toys.  She and her friends accumulated every size, shape and level of squishiness – and couldn’t have enough of them.  Then by the next year, she simply could not LIVE without a fidget spinner.  Every 9-year-old on every block could be seen twirling these colorful plastic gadgets on the tips of their fingers.  Next up – SLIME!  Around age 10, my darling girl wanted nothing more for her birthday, Christmas and in her Easter basket than 2-gallons of clear glue and multiple bottles of contact lens solution.

Kids’ tastes are so fickle, that it is nearly impossible to know what will be “in” and on trend at a given time.  This can make gift giving daunting! 

But NEVER FEAR!  We have put together a list of timeless gifts for kids by age that never go out of style! (And actually are good for their development!).

Preschool – At this age kids love to be pretend to be like grownups!  Encourage imaginative plan with mini lawnmowers, kitchen sets, pretend food, gardening sets, dress up clothes and drum sets.  Also, anything that encourages motor skill development is also great for this age. I love Squigz, putty, shape sorters and wooden puzzles.                  

Pre-K – 1st Grade – Kids at this age have mastered many basic skills and are ready for more grownup toys.  Look for fun games that expose kids to math and reading.  I love Pete the Cat’s Cool Cat Math Game, Zingo and Scrabble Jr.  Building sets are also a great option for your 5–7-year-old.  Think Legos, magna tiles, marble runs, fort makers and wooden blocks.

Grade 2-3 – Help kids explore their creative side with washable paints, mosaic art sets, latch hook pillow-makers, or rock painting kits.  Anything that gets kids active is also key at this age.  Consider light- up frisbees, an outdoor slackline, climbing ropes, pogo sticks, hover balls or an over-the-door basketball hoop.

Grade 4-5 -  Many kids start showing interest in science and technology at this age.  Keep them off their screens by gifting them a chemistry set, build-a-volcano kit, slime lab, interactive robot, origami set, or make- your-own bath bombs.  


Happy Shopping!

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