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  • Timeless Birthday Gifts for Kids by Age

    If you have kids, you know that keeping up with what’s “in” and “cool” is like trying to capture a leprechaun under your six-year-old’s cardboard t...
  • Kids’ Birthday Party Menu Planning

    You’ve chosen a party theme, sent out invitations and planned some fun activities.  Now it is time to choose the menu!  Not sure where to begin?  H...
  • Kids' Birthday Party Planning 101

      Have you ever wanted to host a fabulous birthday party for your child at your home but found yourself quickly overwhelmed by the logistics?  Chec...
  • Kids’ Birthday Party Etiquette for the Party Hosts

    Planning a memorable birthday party for your kids can be overwhelming to even the craftiest of moms. From choosing a theme and planning activities to baking the perfect cake.  Even more challenging are those tricky little questions that come up during the process. Please read on for our birthday party etiquette guide to help  set your mind at ease!   Happy Hosting!
  • Making Children’s Birthday Parties Inclusive

    Are you looking to host a child's birthday party that is inclusive of guests with different abilities?  Or are you struggling to plan a birthday party that is accommodating to your child's special needs, while also being super fun for all her guests? Read on for some tips on making birthday parties more inclusive and fun for everyone!
  • Why Home-Based Kids’ Birthday Parties are Making a Comeback

    Home birthday parties are making a comeback!  Do you have fond memories of the birthday parties you had as a child growing up in the 80s and  90s?  Parents are starting to revisit the wholesome, memory-making fun of home-based birthday parties!  And their kids couldn't be happier!